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How to Hack

Graal now will automactially ban you for using this hack so use at your own risk. I am not responsible for you getting banned and I am not responsible for any damage you do to your device from jailbreaking.

“Hacking” the game just makes it so the game thinks you are standing somewhere you are not. So I could be standing in a field and the game might think I am really standing on a building. This “hack” is hard to set up, but once you do it’s a breeze to do.

The first step to hacking is to jailbreak your iPhone or iPod. You can read more about jailbreaking to see if jailbreaking your iOS Device is worth it to do this hack here:

I would recommend jailbreaking with this jailbreak tool:

A guide to using this jailbreak tool can be found here

Now on to the hacking.

1) After jailbreaking you should see an app on your homescreen called Cydia. The icon looks like this

Note: this app will pause to reload data once in a while, when this happens you just need to be patient

open this app and wait, the app will close automatically, when it does just open it back up. The second time you open it, it will ask what kind of user you are. Just click “User (Graphical Only)”.

2) Go to the manage tab and select sources, now click edit in the top right hand corner, now click add in the top left corner. Type in Whe a message pops up just click “add anyway”. Now click the search tab on the bottom. Search for iFile, and DO NOT click done on the keyboard. Now click on iFile Cracked (not the plain iFile) Once you click on it you should see an install button in the top right-hand corner. Click install then when it pops-up click confirm.

3) Once it instals open Graal and stand below the thing you want to stand on. To get an idea of how far away you need to stand away from the thing you want to stand on look at this photo. In this photo I want to stand on the battle arena so I would stand where I am in this photo

4) After you get into position, open iFile up. Go into the settings by clicking the gear in the lower left corner. In settings turn on Application Names, and turn off External Viewers. Click done. Now click the back button in iFile until you get to the main screen. It should look like this:

5) From here click Private>Var>Mobile>Applications>GraalClassic>>Offline

6) Go into the maps folder and and click edit in the top left hand corner. Click on classiciphone.gmap to select it. Click the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner. Click copy/link.

7) Now go back one back into the offline folder. Click edit again and click the arrow then click paste. (Be sure NOT to paste it into the maps folder but right outside of the maps folder)

8) Click on classiciphone.gmap and click open with text viewer.

9) Now click edit and delete the first paragraph (the text highlighted in the photo below)

10) Open Graal and walk down a little

11) To undo the hack go into iFile and rename the classiciphone.gmap (the one in the Offline folder NOT the maps folder) to classiciphone2.gmap

If you have any problems please email me at

  1. Ultimatejack709 permalink

    Hacking is for noobs I’m pro at me UltimateJack709

  2. Joe Martinez permalink

    Guys I Found A Way To Get Free Gralats… no Bull…. Send an email to…. He used to be an admin but they fired him…. So now he’s gives out free gralats

  3. How we gone do thsi. This might me a troll or somethin. They probably font even have a app but lrobably a fake one that trick you. Stellarhacks is way better than this because it gives you choices for 1000$ to 100000$ gralats.

    This is weak

  4. kenygraal permalink

    hey guys if you want to hack money then download lucky patcher and reboot it realy works on graal era

  5. sidface1111 permalink

    lol not bout to do this


  6. kev permalink

    i cant download ifile craked!

  7. 1000000000000000

  8. Hacks are for people who are not good at this game

  9. how to do it

  10. ey how do this hack

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  12. Darren permalink

    Doesn’t work this guy is bull shit

  13. idnckjwnkj permalink

    what about on the computer

  14. The reason i quit for 2 years is cuz Aero banned me for 4k hours im back , well came back along time ago

  15. Allen Sanchez permalink


  16. Emma permalink

    How do I doooo thiisssssssssss

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  18. Ethan Kotekar permalink

    This is not even a hack it’s gust to hack ur own items it can be stolen

  19. herro permalink


  20. herro permalink

    Wit if ur on ur android can u still hack¿¿¿??? =3=

  21. STUPIDITY permalink

    Hoo should be so stupid??

  22. Carlos Molina permalink

    In zone pm me if you want to glitch out of the map search the squad MYSTEROUS PEOPLE and leader mysterion

  23. fk this its not even a hack and a fken gltvh so admin ur a son of a bitch and fkers

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  26. amna permalink


  27. snk permalink

    Wann get banned? Actually I have no rights😛.

  28. I did this and got banned and then took the hack thing off! If i put it back and get banned again will it be longer?

  29. Ok guys im Pro Hacker on era so when i tired this hack on era i got banned but i waited and after ban over the gmap hack worked😀 im sharing this hack unpatch with you.
    IPAD from graal era

  30. I all was wanna be a hacker

  31. Kennedy Gearhart permalink

    This is great

  32. {}avid permalink

    But fir now I still I Damn jail

  33. {}avid permalink

    Is there a glitch that can get u to buy anything on graal for free?

  34. {}avid permalink

    Hey add me on graal plz, hacking graal is awesome but my dad might take away iPhone…

  35. {}avid permalink

    Um…I sorta deleted ALL OF THE WRITING…I dunno wat will happen but I hope it works xD, and anyone know how to get out of jail without waiting…

  36. iMarluxia permalink

    I did this today with the offline map one and the maps one and I still get jailed each time. So I take the original gmap file and delete the first paragraph, I did that. The not to get jailed you take the edited one and put it into the offline folder and leave the original one right there…. IT DOESN’T WORK!

  37. rich permalink

    ifile worked for me but i can not figure out which item to delete so that i can walk through fence in some ones guild house can some on help me?

  38. AashNZ permalink

    does this hack allow you to walk through stuff??

  39. Slick permalink

    I got jailed for this and i had to delete the game

  40. Yoad permalink

    I got jailed for this, am i doing something wrong?

  41. Hey Sam, so if you do this hack you can walk thru people’s farm fence!?

  42. I heard you can walk throu stuff if you get the normal iFile and delete certian objects(text). If you walk into someone’s house, you can walk thru their farm fence! I did that and I have 46,967 Gralats now but I got Jialed for 60 days for stealing blacks and entering a secret admin room! It used to be in the battle arena! if u c a admin there, follow them and they might dissapear in the middle of the info person u see when u walk in but they changed it to another place. There is was a box that dropped purple gralats every 3 seconds! Im back on and I hope i find it again

  43. No it’s just tht i delete the thing it aaa to delete and it doesn’t work:/

  44. Platypus permalink

    well i did everything u said and i deleted that text and nothing happen, i know what to do it just doesnt work:/

  45. rAIN FROM GRAAL permalink


    • Nothing is happening? Are you sure you follows the instructions exactly? I cannot go onto Graal right now because I have been banned (Not because of hacking) because of disruption of events.

  46. Platypus permalink

    It doesn’t work for me, I do all that but it just doesn’t work D:

    • Can you explain to me what exactly doesn’t work. Are you stuck at something and can’t seem to get it to work? Does something odd happen? Did you get jailed?

  47. Please post a comment and I will reply to you asap

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